Art reproduction

At A photographic Affair we work with some of South Africa’s top artists reproducing their artwork and creating prints that look almost identical to the original art. Over the past ten years A Photographic Affair has done art reproduction for over 100 artists. If you are wanting to sell print reproductions of your art it is essential to use a professional to reproduce your artwork and create a high resolution file.

Once you have a high quality file that is colour matched to the original , art reproduction is a great way to make your artwork accessible to more people and create an ongoing passive income through print sales. We provide management through the process from digital capture, editing the image, library organization and printing the final product.

We also offer art reproduction services to artists that live abroad, sending the prints back to the artist or straight to the client.

The artwork can be reproduced one at a time, in large volumes or as they are sold on order.

We use only the finest printers, offering high quality archival Giclee prints. We print on Photographic Papers, Canvas, and fine art papers.